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that will be a result of such pregnancies may face various deficiencies like infant mortality, underweight or physical or mental deficiencies. FOOD AND NUTRITION food which happens to be a basic necessity of human beings is got from plants and animals. The scientific study of food and its relation to human health is called the science of nutrition. Lavoisier (1743-1794) is known as “the father of nutrition science”. He studied and understood the role that respiration played in the metabolism of food.. Scientists like Atwater,Lusk, Benedict, McCollum, Rose and Rebner also made the significant contributions to the study of nutrition. In ayurveda also instructions are quite conspicuous regarding the choice of diet that is to be followed for…show more content…
Gastro-intestinal disturbances, various forms of anaemia, night blindness, Beri-Beri, scurvy, Ricketts, pellagra, osteomalacia, keratomalacia, and dental cancer-all these have been found to rise from nutritional maladjustments ( N.Gangulee,PP. 77-78). Today what we really require is not food security but nutritional security if we aspire for positive development with productive human resources. It has been indicated through various studies in the developing countries that increase in income does not always ensure proportionate increase in expenditure with regard to nutritious food or ideal distribution of food both within and without the family structure which is veritably impairing the nutritional status of the people of these countries. Hence a better distribution of food within the same family is as important as supplementation of food through nutritional intervention programs.

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