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Today, over 30.1 million Canadians own a mobile phone, many of them teenagers. In this age of technological revolution, it has become apparent that the more we connect to our devices, the more we disconnect from the world around us, which is having various negative effects on our minds, bodies, and lives. Our addiction to phones is consuming our attention and distracting us from what is important in our short lives. Additionally, phones may also be harming us not just in a mental sense but in a physical sense, as excessive phone use wreaks havoc on our sleep and could be negatively impacting our brain development Finally, the social media platforms that teens use their phones to access are taking a serious toll on our mental health, by lowering…show more content…
What, you ask? My health? I'm just using my phone, not smoking 20 cigarettes at once! Well, get this; Phones aren’t as benign as you think. The first way that excessive phone use is compromising our health is how our compulsive, zombie-like use of them is eating into our precious sleeping time. Today, teenagers are getting about 7 hours of sleep on average. I know that you might be thinking back to two days ago when you watched grey's anatomy until 5:30 in the morning and woke up at 6:30 and that you’re thinking 7 hours of sleep is a good night for you. News flash, everybody, the average teenager is supposed to be getting close to ten hours of sleep! Sleep is vital to our health, as well as our cognitive development. When we get three fewer hours of sleep than we should every night, we set ourselves up for a plethora of problems, such as impaired cognitive function, fatigue, and possible lifelong implications on our brain function for the rest of our lives. Our brains are still developing, so when we continuously compromise their ability to do so on a nightly basis, you can only imagine the long-term implications on our cognitive and physical

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