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There are a number of people in the world who have been suffering with a specific addiction. Numerous studies about chemical reactions in the brain, its connection with an individual’s behavior and rehabilitation therapy methods emerge every year. Psychologists and therapists collaborate in battling this destructive problem. Addiction is when an individual becomes desperately attached with a material, substance or behavior that interferes with their overall health, relationships and daily living. These particular individuals are unable to eliminate their disparaging routine that may eventually down spiral into grave consequences. Consequences that not only affect them but their loved ones as well. In this millennial age, society relies…show more content…
This is because every person is dissimilar and each reacts to a certain situation differently. One teenager may take the bucket method as a form of punishment and it may even feed their obsession and compulsion to use the mobile phone even more. Meanwhile, another teenager may unexpectedly find relief from not using their cellphones for a period of time. Therapists are constantly finding ways into treating mobile phone addiction in teenagers. Psychologists study their patient’s behavior through various scenarios in order to develop stress-free ways to help the teenagers get through the addiction. Mobile phone addiction may seem not as harmful as substance abuse, nicotine or excessive alcohol consumption because its results damages more of a person’s social needs than physical. Nonetheless, this type of addiction should not be set aside. It is common for parents to shrug off this behavior as “typical teenage behavior” and later on regret it. This is why treatment is recommended for teenagers who have developed a massive addiction with their mobile phones. These teenagers have already lost important people, developed an illness because of poor eating habits and dropped out of their schools. It might seem hopeless for these teenagers but what they do not know is that treatment is always

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