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Improvised Cell phone Charger Introduction This study is about Improvised Cell Phone Charger using a mountain bike. This study is good because it can help you charge your phone even while going to work when you go to the mall or just stroll around. This study can also help you conserve electricity and exercise your body. The bicycle will act as the source of energy that will produce electricity. This improvised cell phone charger will help us reduce expenses in terms of paying your electric bills. One positive aspect of this is its uniqueness as this will be the first time that an improvised device will be utilized as a charging unit. Another positive result is the use of the bicycle as this will help in reducing toxic gases that is destroying…show more content…
Is there a significant difference between charging using electricity and using a bike? 2. What attributes of a bike can charge a cell phone? 3. Is this device environmental friendly? HYPOTHESIS: 1. Charging using a bike doesn’t emit the same electric as charging to an outlet SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY: Nowadays, people rely too much on the use of technologies such as cell phones. One problem being faced by people using cell phones is when there is an absence of electricity. Biking gives several benefits to man, and thus this study is conducted to saving energy and also during an absence of electricity people will be able to charge their cellular phones using a bike. Limitations of the Study: Location is the number one limitation of this study. You should be able to bike around the vicinity to be able to charge cellular phones. Without using the bike, you won’t be able to charge cellular phones. With the presence of a bike trainer it is also possible to charge cellular phones because this bike trainer is a device wherein you’re going to place your bike on it and you’re just going to paddle without moving. Definition of Terms • Charger-a device for charging a battery or battery-powered

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