Micro-Teaching Reflection Analysis

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After I finished the micro-teaching, I realized that some points of the teaching process were filling with errors and some activities were not related to the aim of the lesson or were missing, lacking of intended objectives. Thanks to the records of my micro-teaching and feedbacks, I realized my mistakes that I did during the teaching process. But my classmates’ feedbacks did not reflect the reality, even I made mistakes they evaluated me with very optimistic scores. Just three or four of my classmates criticized my weakness points with writing some advices. According to the feedbacks of my instructor and observers, while I was reviewing my micro-teaching record, I realized that my voice level was too low. I accepted that my voice was losing in the class. I couldn’t hear my voice clearly in the record as well. When it comes to voice level, most of observers pointed out…show more content…
For the while listening process, I found an activity which is for listening for a gist but I missed that this activity was not aiming the listening for specific information. I couldn’t add a listening for the specific information activity. While preparing this process, I thought that this activity would suitable for both aim. I missed that part and thought that listen and number activity was designed for listening for specific information. I should find or design new listening activities to listen for specific information. I could have selected an activity to develop students’ listening strategies. I have to review activities whether they provide a reason or not to practice students for listening for the gist and listening for the specific information. I should learn how to design an activity for these aims. Before reaching while listening phase, I should provide adequate knowledge in order to build confidence for

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