Technology In Healthcare

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Many health institutions are finding it impossible to carry on with their business without investing in technology. The use of technology such as electronic health record has helped many facilities enjoy improved health care delivery. Many investors in this field are taking advantage of digital technology to develop new services and eliminate inefficiencies of outdated structures. These technologies have been seen as way of retaining customers due to high quality services that comes with it. For example an intensive care unit (ICUs) is one of the areas where technology is required to save lives. There are many equipment which are required so that patients whose lives are in critical conditions can be saved. The technologies in use include…show more content…
Quality of the services offered with the help of technology Information technology has played a big role in bringing quality services in the health sector. This can be seen especially in terminal conditions such as cancer as well as diabetes. These technologies are used in examination rooms, operation rooms and electronic health record as well as during clinical support tools. The medical institutions that employ the use of technology in offering their services usually offer high quality services. For instance information systems have made it possible for advance surgical procedure to be done successfully and without risking the lives of patient. Radiology as well as patient monitoring during recuperating has also been made easy through the introduction of technology in the medical sector. Health service quality is also improved through information sharing between stakeholders where technology has played a big role in making this possible. Use of technology has helped in speeding up of services and thereby making it possible for medical professionals to offer adequate diagnosis. This will lead to reduced cost of medication as well as increase the number of lives that will be saved due to early treatment of conditions that can be…show more content…
One of the main reasons is due to efficiency that comes with automation as with paper based processes result in more time being spent on administrative work rather than in treatment of patients. Information can be feed into system once and everyone in the institution can access the same information through the use of technology network. Doctors and nurses don’t have to waste time trying to find information of their patient in files that are kept in hardcopy. A good example is where once patient will be discharged it only requires the information to be sent into the system for distribution and everybody concerned will get this information and therefore no waste of time on the part of the

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