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Mass Consumption and Pollution The mass consumption and the pollution are one of the biggest subjects that people still talk about. The consumption is the using up of any resource in the world. For example: if most of the people in the world drink coffee every morning, then the resource (coffee) is being used up. It might differ from country to country, or from culture to culture. However, mass consumption means consumer. On the other hand, the pollution is the introduction of harmful substances or products into environment. Pollution has many types, such as: air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, etc. Pollution leads to scarcity, health problems, and even death. There is an obvious relationship between consumption and pollution.…show more content…
Later, the steam engines in the UK caused work accident, and that made more pressure to make new laws to curb the smoke. However, the coal was one type of energy supply during that time. “For the environment, however, the new industries also led to problems: Increasing consumption of chemicals led to the poisoning of the European rivers, climaxing in the 1971 pollution scandal in the Rhine which finally led to massive efforts to clean up the river. While industries did not use coal as a key factor during this period, energy supply was still dominated by coal and coal consumption for steel production increased steeply in the most dynamic industrial regions such as the Ruhr and Pittsburgh. Here, the use of coal for steelworks produced serious smog problems. In addition, the smog problems characterizing Britain in the 19th century were not sufficiently ameliorated.” However, the invention of electricity reduced many air pollutions. Which once, if people wants to light up a place they used to light it up with fire that leaves smoke, but after the electricity it was easy to light up a place without smoke that consider an air

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