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Human are living in a society that is constantly changing, developing and becoming more and more complex. Simultaneously, design appears in everything we touch, everywhere we go, we see it on our passport, on shopping bill, on television, on takeaway coffee cup; design becomes an important part of daily life as a manifestation of our society. It is “firmly grounded in a relationship to society rather than being presented as an area of study which feeds only on itself” (Whiteley N 2006). Concurrently, designer also takes a social responsibility based on the desire to find effective solution and creation for a better society. This essay will examine on social value on designer’s works, how design influents on society, the role of designer and…show more content…
Aside from their job as finding a way to increase the sales of product and bringing benefit for client, they also play an indispensable role in society. Designer has influence on the creation of product and environment surrounding us and more importantly have a social responsibility for community and its future. In an interview, Massimo Vignelli concluded “the designer has responsibility to work in the society making it more efficient useful and to work themselves towards something that has integrity… it is your professional integrity to answer needs, not wants” (Vignelli M 2012). The society is becoming more demanding on designer as people with the invasion of technology is merging into a network in which human relationship is getting more sophisticate. On one hand, in order to answer the needs of customer, the designer have to really engage themselves with the social context, nourishes themselves with firm understanding about cultural, political and social system, analyzes, diagnoses the problem and then seeks for the cure. On the other hand, they are facing with many barriers and in term of social responsibility need to keep questioning whether what they are working on is wasting natural resources, whether the design is able to undergo the censorship, how it would impact on the children and many others. With the power of design industry,…show more content…
It is a result of close coordination and supportive relation between designer and society. The society establishes a fundamental foundation for the growth of design industry and basic structure that designer need to base on. Besides, designer also devotes their competence and effort to build up society wealth and development. It is clear that design is not made just for business purpose but also acts as a social instrument that shape society attitude and belief. Hence, designer has a responsibility not only for the success and failure of a product but above of all the impact of it on mass behavior and future society. Therefore, the relation between designer and society is demonstrated as an interdependent and resonant relationship that they support each other to achieve the best design

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