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Over the past few years’ law enforcement has been heavily scrutinized for there use of force. Law enforcement use of force is one of the most important part in today policing. In this situation officers have to decide what type to of force to use. When force is use of force is not use correctly civilians or officer’s lives can be taken away from them. Citizens of the United states are all over the place, some believe the policy are fair, others objects and some people are uncertain. It seems to me this issue has become politicalize just like everything else in our country. Citizen believe whatever their party believes. I personally believe the use of force has no clear cut definition it wavers from police department to department. This makes…show more content…
Without even reading over these two cities policies you began to understand why there is a problem around the country. Chicago Police Department, one of the highest populated city in the country does not even put as much time and effort to even discretely explain the types and the use of force. The policy is only three pages long while the Milwaukee Police Department policy is triple the amount pages. The Milwaukee Police Department describes each types of force, which are presence, dialogue, control alternatives, protective alternatives and then deadly force. Each of the five mode has a purpose. The officer has the follow the guidelines before they can use a certain amount of…show more content…
We need set more policies so that police have an informative guideline to follow instead of vague one that leads to more police discretion, which can lead to more killing due to some pre determine notions. Right now, I want to focus on Chicago police department use of force guideline. When reviewing this there were many things wrong with it. CPD need to first start off by revising and strengthening their local policies. Ways to improve this guideline is inserting more policy. The use of force policies should protect human life and rights. They should include direction on reporting, investigation and holding the officer accountable and improve clearness by making the policies accessible online for everyone to see, when it is time to refer to them. The CPD failed to include this in their guidelines. Another idea of improvement is making deadly force the last possible option. Many police departments around the United States makes it clear in their policy that deadly force is the last possible alternative. After the death of Freddie Gray Baltimore implement a policy that requires other officers to intervene to stop officers from using excessive force and they have to report it to their supervisor. Officers all also required to have first aid kits and immediately give assistance to anyone in police custody that is injured or complains about an injury according the article New Baltimore Police Use-of-Force Policy

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