The World's Smallest Cottage Short Story

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The World’s Smallest Cottage According to my mother, everyone has to go through trials at some point in their life. For me, I suppose one of my trials was being the middle child and only girl of five children. I don’t know why I was stuck with four brothers, but sometimes life just decides to whack you in the face doesn’t it? At the moment, I was squished in the car between my older brothers Davis(the smartest), Finn(an annoying nuisance), and my younger brothers, Michael whom we called Mike(a real chatterbox) and Connor(at age ten he was the youngest and the quietest.) Our dog Apollo, a hyper cocker spaniel, kept jumping up on our laps and generally making a fool out of himself. For the seventh time, Finn pushed Apollo off the seat in a manner that made him flinch slightly. “Finn!” I exclaimed, and glared at my older brother. He rolled his eyes at me in a maddening superior way like we weren’t only nine months apart. “Louise, Finn don’t start this up again,” Mom said from the front seat. “We’re going to be in the car for seven more hours. We don’t need to hear you fighting. Do you understand?” We both nodded mutely. “I didn’t hear you,” she said. “Speak up!” “Yes Mom,” we both said quietly. “Wonderful.” Despite this, however Finn pinched my elbow, and I punched him…show more content…
Once we had reached the point where we could see our house in all its glory, Mike let go of my palm and we both stared. To say the cottage was small would be an understatement. It was a two story cottage, with brown bricks and an adorable red chimney. There were two steps which lead to the front porch, and on its two sides were a couple pots of peonies. Our new lawn albeit small had a lovely appearance with freshly cut green grass and tall sturdy oak tree perfect for climbing in. Nobody asked me what I thought of it, so I was relieved of the burden of coming up with the words to describe my

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