How Does Teacher Ethics Affect Teaching And Learning?

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Question 1 Critically discuss how any two factors (vision of a school, contextual factors, teacher’s ethics, school organisation, teacher’s identity, leadership, learner’s identity, etc…) affect teaching and learning in a Mauritian secondary school. Justify your answer with clear examples. What is the main purpose of a school? This question comes up often in students’ minds. Some dislike going to school so much that every day they come up with excuses to absent from school. What is the solution to this problem? Is it the teacher’s fault, the school, the parents? Nobody knows. However, life continues. For those who like going to school, do teaching and learning occur effectively? Do students understand everything that the teacher delivers? Not really. Thus, we are going to look at two…show more content…
The code of ethics for teachers is something that defines the professional conduct and practice of teachers (Mohanty, 2012). Firstly, it is the code of behavior towards students. Secondly, it is the conduct of teachers towards their colleagues and the ethical interaction between teachers and parents is at the third place. Thus, taking into consideration how teachers should behave towards students, it can be observed that not every teacher follow the code of ethics strictly. For instance, the latter points out that teacher should avoid favoritism and deals fairly with every student. I am of the opinion that the opposite occurs in the Mauritian secondary school. Some most compelling evidences are that from time to time, the same student answers the questions or the teacher sees only him to send on board and so on. What happens to the motivation level of the rest of the class? For instance, when the teacher focuses on only one student, he does not have control over the other students. They can do whatever they want and they are distracted, hence their studies suffer. Indeed, is the teacher behaving

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