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Introduction: This essay will be looking at how Billy Elliot (2001) address issues that challenge the pre-conceived, and long lasting British cultural identity, especially in the north. It will look at how the director uses colour to convey certain emotions, as well as certain camera angles. It will analyse historical context and how this plays into the film’s realism, as well as emphasising the cultural that Britain is well known for, such as tea-drinking. British History: Billy Elliot (2001, Stephen Daldry) is predominantly set around the 1984-5 miner’s strike in County Durham, where the audience is introduced to the Elliot family as a working-class family who has been struggling as both main breadwinners, Jackie and Tony, are participating…show more content…
Up until this scene, Tony and his father are seen wearing primarily blue clothing, such a light-wash jean jacket, blue t-shirt, and blue jeans and their costumes often co-ordinate with each other, but are often loud and boisterous in comparison to the surrounding others. However, in this police scene, where Tony is not like his father, he can be seen wearing a black leather jacket, and dark trousers, which only a hint of a blue jean jacket. This small glimpse of blue suggests to the audience that Tony’s actions have the best intentions as he believes it will help his family. The police during this scene have a lot of a harsher, darker, more distinct blue colour which can stand to mean their sheer determination to stand against the striking…show more content…
The differences between this two classes causes tense within the film’s narrative with constant questioning of ‘do you have any idea what we’re going through?’ (0:57:38) showing that Mrs Wilkinson doesn’t share the common problems as the working class and doesn’t share the same ideologies are the striking miners; ideologies about masculinity and being able to provide for the family. This explains why Jackie took offence at Mrs Wilkinson’s charity at offering to buy the transport costs for Billy’s ballet audition as it made him feel like he couldn’t provide for him family. While at the ballet audition, wide angle shots are used which causes Jackie and Billy to look out of place as it contrasts the cramped mid-shots the audience is used from their home town. To further alienate them from the dance audition, a lighter, more aristocratic and more elegant shade of blue in the audition room is used to contradict the loud and boisterous blue from their home. This is also one of the rare times in the film that father and son are seen in the same shot together, working towards a common goal.

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