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Throughout the decades of time, several legends have come into focus. Unknowingly, they’ve influenced the population with general and simple life lessons. Although most urban legends have educated their audiences by having used a similar or more basic story line, some have conjured their own ideas. Basically, this allowed thousands of new ideas to emerge from the surface of tradition. Beth Johnson’s essay written on urban legends had revealed unique strategies within each tale on appropriately handling situations, such as the short story “The Cement Truck Driver”. In the urban legend “The Cement-Truck Driver”, a husband had come home to his wife from a long day of driving his cement-truck. Surprisingly, he came home to a brand-new Cadillac in the driveway. When he looked through the kitchen window, he had seen his wife with another man. The strange man and the cement-truck driver’s wife were laughing and drinking coffee, which filled her husband with jealousy and vengeance. In a rage, he backed this cement-truck up next to the Cadillac and filled it to the brim with cement. Without another move, he pulled out of his driveway and drove away into the distance. Later…show more content…
If he would have just went inside and confronted his wife about cheating, he would have gotten a brand-new Cadillac and realized that his wife was just talking to the delivery man. Instead, he has to explain that he let his rage get the best of him and that he isn’t only sorry for her, but sorry for himself. The lesson to be learned was that you have to go forward and handle situations with verbal communication and not physical abuse. Alternatively, the lesson was think about the situation and act on it using an effective explanation of the feelings brought by the occurrence. Luckily, this might have also caused him to trust his wife and be more open with his feelings with

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