Six Barrels Of Husband Character Analysis

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Literary Essay- Canadian Novel ISU Isolation is a common theme among Canadian literary works. Farzana Doctor, in her novel Six Metres of Pavement, through the exploration of isolation, demonstrates growth of the main character. Doctor develops the theme of isolation through Ismail Boxwala’s journey from self-confinement to self-acceptance. Memories of the past can haunt one and cause them to feel as though they are in a state of never-ending isolation. Ismail shows a strong desire to find something that will help him out of his isolation, “‘I’ve done a year therapy. A hundred AA meetings. Read a couple dozen self-help books. I’m still the same old miserable person after all of these years. I envy you for finding something that helps you. Good…show more content…
After realizing his goals for therapy Ismail takes time off work to consider ways of condonation, “He later borrowed a book from the library called The Self Forgiveness Journey” (Doctor 109). The novel Ismail borrows symbolizes his desire to forgive himself. The advice Ismail provides Fatima expresses his own self-forgiveness, “‘Maybe, but it’s impossible to go back in time. What’s done is done. Regrets will only eat at you,’ he said, his own eyes moistening, his mind drifting” (Doctor 205). Through his commitment of helping Fatima with her adolescent problems, Ismail grows by realizing the importance of looking past his mistakes. As Ismail persists with his social and self-forgiving lifestyle he realizes the necessity of letting go, “He couldn’t stand the folder any longer. He turned to the kitchen, and carried the file to the garbage can” (Doctor 242). Ismail realizes he cannot live in isolation forever, and that the only way to adequately withdraw from his past mistakes is through self-forgiveness. Through the people around him, Ismail is allowed to venture into others’ lives and help them through their difficulties which helps him realize his own need for

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