Essay On Inner Beauty

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As Confucius once stated, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it”. We can find beauty in everything, the eyes of the person we love, the ways that nature works its magic or in the magnificence of a landscape. Although, when it comes to people, we are always asking ourselves if it is more important to consider their inner or outer beauty; nowadays, that choice seems to be inevitable. However, beauty is a powerful and wonderful thing, hence it cannot be confined in just one of those two. What Confucius meant is that beauty is a subjective matter, what is alluring to an individual could be irrelevant to another. For the previous reasons, we can say that outer and inner beauty are both equally important. Physical beauty is the first aspect of a person which gets noticed. People can have contrasting opinions about what it consists of, and it can hold the balance of power when it comes to the start of a new relationship. Each person sees it in a different way and admires beauty in different aspects of another’s physique, but either way, outer beauty is…show more content…
Throughout the text the main reasons of said statement have been discussed and analyzed; briefly, we can state that physical and inner beauty are both valuable in the same way for the following reasons. On one hand, outward beauty is the first aspect of a person which gets noticed and it can either bring two individuals together or push them apart; moreover, it can be found in various aspects and not only in someone’s appearance, for example, in one’s confidence in himself or in his gestures. On the other hand, inner beauty is just as much important. It is the element that makes surge the wish to be with someone else for long period of times, and it helps us understand whether we should be close to a person or not, depending on whether he deserves it and if his soul is beautiful or
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