Standardized Admission Tests

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Standardized Admission Tests Do Not Define A Student Standardized Admission Tests undoubtedly do not define a student. Today, standardized test scores have ultimately been the main way to analyze the students’ ability in school, along with their potential to get accepted into their school of choice. These tests, do not only put students under a great deal of pressure, but overtime they become agonizing to them. These tests that are given, are used to measure a students ability to succeed, along with showing their academic performance. Certain students have advantages over others. Some students may have learned all the topics covered on the standardized test, while other students were never given that opportunity. Every student in this world,…show more content…
According to Last ¨Some good students are bad test takers, particularly under stress, such as when a test may grant or deny college entry; Multiple-choice tests don't reveal much about a student.¨ (2). When stress takes over a student, their ability to do good on a test is very limited. Looking at High school academic records, shows a lot more about a student then looking at a test, that was taken one time. Taking the SAT does not show the students discipline, motivation, their ability to hand in work, along with if they will be successful or not. Stated by Last ¨We look at grade point average as a measure of performance over a range of courses and times, distinct from a one-test-on-one-day SAT/ACT score. A students consistent ¨A¨ grades may be coupled with evidence of curiosity and learning across disciplines, as well as leadership in civil or social causes.¨ (3). Good grades throughout high school shows positive commitment to their school, along with their dedication to their work. Twelve years of hard work most definitely weighs more than a standardized test. Taking the SAT tends to stress students out along with making them very nervous. Students worry more about their grade than learning about any of the topics. All in all, standardized tests stress students out, which can cause the students not to be productive on the…show more content…
Teaching the topics that are on standardized tests, puts a lot of pressure on the teachers. There is so many different types of topics, that teachers don't know what to cover because the tests change over time. Also, preparing students for standardized tests become very time consuming in classrooms. It becomes time consuming, while they also have to worry about teaching their lessons that the students must learn throughout the year in that class. According to Last, ¨Teaching to a test becomes stifling for teachers and students, far from the inspiring, adaptive education which most benefits students.¨(1). Students don't like the topics, which leads to them not being involved in class. If teachers were teaching lessons they wanted to, that were interesting, it would keep the students

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