New York Day Women: The Clash Of Culture

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The Clash of Cultures Imagine being on lunch break in a big city where you happen to find your mother strolling around with a “happy gait.” This isn’t something normal for many kids, especially kids who aren’t accustomed to seeing their parents around the city. In the short story “New York Day Women” by Edwidge Danticat, the narrator of the story spots her mother in this exact situation. This essay will go in depth to analyze how Suzette, the narrator of the story, feels about seeing her mother in the city. It will also explain how the two cultures clash between Suzette and her mother. At the beginning of the story by Danticat, Suzette explains to the reader that she sees her mother walking around in the City window-shopping through stores like Chanel and Tiffany. This is unusual for Suzette because her mother has never shopped outside of Brooklyn.…show more content…
Suzette says, “his hand slips into hers easily, like he’s known her for a long time,” which in a way made Suzette realize a couple of things. Here the daughter finds out whom the soda is for, but also realizes that the culture separation between both of these people has been keeping their relationship at a distance. After the park, Suzette perspective changed as the story was coming to a conclusion. Suzette seemed to be more appreciative of her mother. She explains “ Tonight on the subway, I will get up and give my seat to a pregnant woman or a lady about Ma’s age,” which was the opposite of what she said at the beginning of the story (Danticat). Seeing her mother be a mother figure to another child, made Suzette perspective about her mother different, with more respect. Suzette valued her mothers figure and realized that they had different culture opinions, but at the end of the day it’s still her

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