Nagpur Water Case Study

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Water Distribution system Water supply to Nagpur City was taken from three surface sources which are Gorewada Tank, Kanhan river, and Pench canal. In 1911 Gorewada tank source was developed. With city growth and the increase in need for water, Gorewada tank source became inadequate. As expansion was not possible due to site conditions, water source from river Kanhan 15 km. away was considered as perennial source. In 1976, the Irrigation Department executed a storage dam across river Pench for hydroelectric project at Totaladoh and picked up dam at Navegaon Khairy. Sources being Pench Dam, Pench-I ,II & III Schemes were commissioned in 1982, 1984, and 2003 respectively. Pench-IV scheme is now underway. Old Gorewada Source This source was developed…show more content…
The raw water is supplied to the B.P.T. of capacity 5.7 lakhs liters by 1606 mm dia M.S. Rising Main of 5624m length from B.P.T. Water is supplied from the Gorewada balancing tank through 700 mm dia C.I. gravity mains of length 400 m. from Gorewada Tank it is taken to the conventional treatment plant having capacity 113.5 MLD through 1200 mm dia M.S. gravity main. The filtered as well as chlorinated water from the treatment plant is then pumped to Seminary Hills G.S.R. of 20.43 ML capacity and Gittikhadan G.S.R. of 5.94 ML capacity. Sitabuldi G.S.R. is then fed from Seminary Hills G.S.R. through 700 mm dia M.S. Feeder Main having length 4000…show more content…
This raw water is pumped to the pre-existing B.P.T. of capacity 5.70 lakh ltrs. by 1626mm dia M.S. Rising Main having length 5.60 km from B.P.T. water is taken to Gorewada tank via 1500 mm dia P.S.C. 8 Kg.cm2 gravity main having length 400 m. from Gorewada Tank water is conveyed to conventional water treatment plant of capacity 145 MLD via 1100 mm and 1000 mm dia P.S.C. 4 Kg./ gravity mains having length 650 m and 325 m. Pure water is forced to Seminary Hills G.S.R. having capacity 20.43 ML through 1321mm dia M.S. Rising Main of 3760 m length. Under this scheme two E.S.R.s at Jaripatka and Sharda Rolling Mill each having capacity 22.7 lakhs liters are build. Pench project - Phase-III Under Pench Phase –III, additional 100 MLD water taken from PRBC to Mahadula pumping station via the baby canal. Additional pumps are supplied at Mahadula for Raw Water Pumping. A new treatment plant is also build at Gorewada. The system is similar to Pench - I & Pench - II project. As per billing by Irrigation dept to NMC. Losses through Canal sepage in the length of 48.50 Km length is @ 20-25% as per the inspection of Water audit & Leak detection Study. Present Treated Water

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