Essay On Job Satisfaction

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Nowadays job satisfaction has received much attention in the workplace. It is the satisfaction of workers feel while doing their work. Considering the job satisfaction which is one of the important factors which affect both the effectiveness of laborers and job performance such as non-attendance; accidents etc. satisfying workers provide the major benefit to the organization while displeased workers are the liabilities as disappointment leads to irritation and irritation leads to violence. Job satisfaction and dissatisfaction based on various factors such as nervousness at labor, occupation participation, relation with social group and supervisors, grievances elimination, feeling tiredness and isolation (Srivastava, 2004). There are two outcomes of job satisfaction which affects workers such as intrinsic outcome included a feeling of accountability, challenge, and appreciation and extrinsic outcome included pay, working condition, and co-workers. Various theories concerning job satisfaction which helps to measure job satisfaction from various aspects. Generally, job satisfaction is measured as workers’ feelings towards the job situation and the level of the individual likeness of the job. When satisfied with a job, workers consider that job is the part of their life; hence they enjoy doing their work. The nature and…show more content…
Stress occurs in a wide range of work environments where it often works adversely; when the employees feel they have little support from co-workers and supervisors and have slight or absence of control over the job processes. Whereas the work-related stress is the response people may have and the work demands and pressures that are not compatible with their knowledge and abilities and which challenge their ability to cope with the
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