The Pros And Cons Of Technology

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Our world has been developed into a better world. There have been many ways and things that people tried to invent for human's casualties and comfort. These include technology systems. In this golden age, people are being overly dependent over technology even for just a simplest and easiest tasks that can be done by our own force. We can say that technology is like a part of our daily basis. Maybe, if one day there an announcement that we cannot use any technology, I bet that people will become helpless and lifeless. It is because they already become compatible with the existent of the technology especially internet. People can just search everything at the tip of their finger and information just pops right before our eyes. They can know everything even our deceased great-grandparents didn't know. Because of these high-invented technologies, youngsters don’t even know how to play and socialize with children around their ages. Lack of attentions from parents and just lettting their children getting engaged into video games and internet make their children spend their time wasted. They cannot understand the saying that goes, "time is gold". Based on these situations, there…show more content…
Even if we keep in touch with our relatives, sometimes without we even realize it, it can make our ties damaged and people can be hurt by our action. It is because we don't do proper conversation, a heart-to-heart talk in person. Next, other people can commit fraudulence on internet because of their unknown true identities in real life. They can steal others’ money and so on. This usually happens when we are dealing a business over internet. The conclusion is it is true that there are many positive as well as negative but if we just use the internet for communication but does not have any effort to communicate in person then it is just bad as it seems. We can become slaves to machines by devoting ourselves to
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