Losing My Childhood On The Continent Of Africa Sparknotes

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Purpose: 2. By dividing the two views of the river rather than alternating between them, Twain was able to accomplish a clearer and more whole contrast. The division helps more thoroughly separate the way Twain saw the river in the past to how he sees it now, as an experience pilot. Strategies: 1. Twain uses a divided sequence to arrange the points of his comparison. He fully explains and describes his view of the river as an apprentice before moving on to express his views as a pilot. This subject-by-subject strategy of writing works well in short essays, like this one, allowing the reader to easily keep track of the points being made. “Remembering My Childhood on the Continent of Africa” Purpose: 1. The purpose of Sedaris’ essay was to demonstrate the differences between his dull childhood and Hugh’s eventful one. While some similarities and parallels were mentioned, the main focus…show more content…
The categories Sedaris uses to establish his points of comparison include, field trips, movies, moving, pets, vacations, perks of fathers’ jobs, mothers’ typical daily activities, and personal life highlights. Sedaris’ and Hugh’s experiences regarding these categories are told in an alternating pattern. “A Tale of Two Divorces” Purpose: 1. Roiphe’s sentence, “My divorce is the tale of two divorces, one that never was and one that was”, states that the purpose of her essay was to tell the reader a story of two different divorces. Her essay’s purpose was to compare her mother’s marriage, which should have ended in divorce, to her own, which did. Strategies: 1. Roiphe is able to balance her story by demonstrating that her husband was like her father and she was like her mother. This connection helps combine the two stories, making them fall together in a complete essay. Some of the similarities between the husbands were that they both had other women, drank often, and treated their wives poorly. Roiphe and her mother both developed self-esteem issues because of the

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