Quetta Serena Hotel Case Study

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Executive Summary Hospitality industry is growing at its highest speed and is becoming more and more competitive. As it is becoming more spirited, various problems are emerging as well. Serena Hotel is a famous hoteling Chain, having 36 luxury resorts, lodges and hotels, operating in Asian & African countries.Recently it has been noted that there is a plunge in the level of customer satisfaction at the Quetta Serena Hotel. The aim of this research is to evaluate if the Quetta Serena hotel is aware of the importance of its front line employees in service delivery and what is being done to resolve the existing issue. It will also figure out the various factors that can affect a hotel performance. The researcher also investigates if service delivery can be achieved through effective human resource strategies, meaning through effectual use of its people. The study will observe how the hotel is developing its people to stay…show more content…
Front line employees are usually those who are seen as the most important people to deliver quality service even though it does involve those who are behind the scenes too (Kim Hoque, 2000, p.6). Silson et al (2008) said that it is the front line employees who project the image of the company to the customer, it is what they do or say that influence the perception of customers on the organisation (Cook 2002). Bearing this in mind, it is very imperative that the company distinguish the value of those employees and invest well on them in order to keep its reputation and status lofty. This can benefits the hotel in different ways, some of which are: less staffs time may be needed to handle complaints, bring reputation up, results into word of mouth recommendation from customer to customers and last but not least, increase profit and market shares (Wilson et al.,

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