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Abstract Through the study of origami, an interdisciplinary approach investigates the mathematical, architectural, and structural aspects of folded structures, which help to understand how paper folding can be used as a medium to solve structural and aesthetic problems. In this context, origami presents an interface to gain cognitive experience on spatial configurations and form finding and acts as an effective tool for further morphological explorations in the architectural design process. Based on undertaking a data collection exercise with architecture students, origami has proved to be a rich source of inspiration and has found its way into a wide range of design applications. It has even led to the discovery of new forms and methods of construction. Keywords: Architecture; Design; Education; Origami; Paper folding 1. INTRODUCTION Origami is the art of paper folding that originated in Japan and has been commonly practised worldwide. It has received attention in science and engineering, getting credit for…show more content…
However, mathematicians, scientists, and engineers have discovered that an endless number of shapes could be created in theory by using traditional origami (Peraza-Hernandez et al., 2014). These discoveries have enabled new approaches for the manufacturing, assembling, and morphing of devices and structures based on the principles of origami. This is evident in the increasing attention given to the theories and tools related to origami in the past four decades (Fei and Sujan, 2013; Lang, 2004). This increased interest in challenging origami forms has eventually led to further investigation of the geometric features, topological properties, and structural capabilities of paper folding, which provide an invaluable medium for the inspiration of many architectural

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