Equity Theory And Equity Theory

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MOTIVATION Introduction Work motivation is a set of energetic forces that originate both within as well as beyond an individual’s being, to initiate work-related behaviour and to determine its form, direction, intensity, and duration (Pinder 1998). In terms of work motivation, there are several types; such as operant conditioning theories, content theories and process theories. One’s motives can also determine a person’s behaviour. The two theories that will be examined in this essay shall be the Goal Setting Theory and the Equity Theory. Goal Setting will be the first theory examined, looking at its foundations, its relations to a person’s satisfaction levels and how it contributes to the workforce. Secondly, I will explore the Equity…show more content…
Established in 1965 by J Stacy Adams, the Equity Theory looks at how employees want fairness and that they are motivated by how equitable they think their efforts are in comparison to other people’s (Adams, 1965). It is essentially a social comparison theory, based on how people perceive their work and their rewards compared to their co-workers. Research carried out from 1962-1976 revealed most of the information currently available on this topic. In the research different results were returned for those who felt overpaid versus those who felt underpaid. In the workplace, those that perceived themselves to be underpaid were more likely to try and reduce the inequality. By doing this, they may reduce the quality of their work yet increase the number of units produced. As a result, they will be producing more, therefore earning more but the goods will be of a lower quality. This, however, only applies to those who work in a piece rate…show more content…
It will be, nonetheless, the tactic I will use for my years in DCU and beyond for motivating myself. Setting short term goals within a longer term goal is an effective method to achieve the ultimate objective. I would like to graduate with a 2.1 or higher in my degree, which is a longer term goal. In deciding such a goal, it allows me to have a wider range of choices in job application. Undeniably, it is a high aim but I am a person with high standards and as a result, I feel the need to set smaller goals along the way so that I feel some success as I strive to achieve the final goal. Smaller goals would include doing well in midterm exams, studying on a daily basis, etc. I believe that one’s personality largely affects their motivation and I am unapologetically a Type A personality. As a result, when I am feeling stressed, I can either be further motivated or completely unmotivated. This means that for me, I must study throughout the term so that in the weeks before my exams I can be prepared, even if I lose my drive due to

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