Explain How Personality Predicts Employee Performance

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In the recent years, organisations have been facing immense pressure to excel in their performance, because of the highly unstable and competitive environment in which they operate. Employees play a very crucial role for the survival of any organisation; therefore organisations need to place more emphasis on recognising and acknowledging employee’s personality while recruiting them. A higher level of employee performance benefits an organisation by increasing their productivity and profits and this also provides job satisfaction among the employees. This essay aims to assess to what extent personality predicts employee performance. Firstly, the essay begins with defining the idea of personality and concentrates on personality theories mainly the Myers Briggs type indicator (MBTI), personality traits like the ‘Big…show more content…
According to Barrick, Mount & Strauss (1993), there are different methods that organizations apply while measuring employee performance. The most common method is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which highly depends on Carl Jung’s theory. The method also enhances performance in an organization because it measures the benefits that come with achievements shown by different employees. Some companies conduct projective tests while recruiting employees, which assist them in understanding the personality traits of employee individuals before selecting them. Concurrently, Cliff claimed that personality assessment is not a guarantee that employees will enhance good performance because there are some employees who can decide to act so that they can secure their jobs when their true personalities are very different. Therefore, this implies that organizations should consider incorporating other assessments such as mental test and aptitude alongside the personality trait assessment while selecting employees for

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