Essay On Impact Of Technology On Organization

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IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ON AN ORGANISATION Arpit Alawa, Faraz Mohammed, Dr. Shine David Vikas Vishwakarma, MBA (HR) Assistant Professor Institute of Management Studies, Institute of Management Studies, D.A.V.V. Indore India D.A.V.V. Indore India ABSTRACT “Technology” the word means practical application of science to organization. It is the discipline that applies scientific knowledge to practical problems. In today’s world technology is growing as fast…show more content…
In the 18th century there was a industrial revolution which was a period of great discoveries in the areas like agriculture , minning , metallurgy, transport etc. Then technology takes a U-TURN with the invention of electricity, later on the technology results in the advancement of chemistry, medicine, engineering etc. Technology from then on is creating a huge impact on an organization people are so adapted to the technologies that they can’t imagine their daily life without it. The condition for the development of technology in India was not favorable but slowly and steadily it has developed its roots in India. Now the technologies are not only restricted to computers but big machines, fast processing system, quick moving system. Technology is now the heart of an organization and helps an organization in its effective working. More and more business firms including the large scale as well as the small scale firms are trying their best to incorporate the latest technology in their business and all the latest technologies are helping an business to grow and expand even

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