Disadvantages Of Cybercrime

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Cybercrime refers to illegal activities conducted through the computer. It is a growing area of crime. More criminals are utilizing the speed and anonymity of the internet to commit various crimes. Cybercrime can be broken down into two main types of internet related crimes which are advanced cybercrime and cyber enabled crime. Advanced cybercrime is sophisticated attacks against computer hardware and software. Cyber enabled crime are increasing crimes that exploit advances of the internet such as financial crimes, etc. Financial crime covers generally an international range of criminal offenses. They are mostly committed through the internet and impact banking and financial institutes. They affect people, companies, organizations, nations, and have a negative impact on the economic and social systems through loss of money sustained. Organised criminal networks are usually behind financial crime due to the prospect of profits to be made. Preventing cybercrime is difficult due to differences between countries in terms of national…show more content…
It has in recent years migrated into cyberspace. It is used to gain or prevent advantage to competing nations. Cyber warfare is relevant to cyber-crime in that it can be used to launch cyber-attacks to nations with the view of crippling infrastructure and paralyzing other nation’s government and economies using different forms of networks. Cyber warfare results in destruction of property, injury or death of people etc. There are international laws that govern the conduct of warfare. These laws are only applicable to nation states, not individuals. To date it is unclear in laws on how a nation can justifiably respond to an attack from another nation. The threats with regards to cyber warfare include the fact that targeted nations for cyber-attacks can directly respond with defensive as well as offensive techniques which could lead to destruction for parties
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