Science Fiction In The Hunger Games Vs. Divergent

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Science fiction is a genre of literature that focuses on possible outcomes of a near future such as life in other planets, new ways of transportation and gadgets that make life easier. Two best-selling books that include this genre are The Hunger Games, published in 2008 and Divergent, published in 2011. Both stories take place in a future where society collapsed, and thus was built from the beginning with a new set of rules. In The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins builds her story around a country named Panem located in some part of North America. It was created after a series of uprisings lead to millions of deaths and destroyed most of what it's known as North America. Along these lines, a treaty was created to stop the war and to stop future…show more content…
This is mainly due to the issue of unfairness reflected throughout both stories. In Divergent, the people referred as factionless must live inside abandoned building located out of the city's control. “This is where the factionless live because they failed to complete initiation. They live in poverty, doing work no one else wants to do”[insert page and chapter]. This representation is similar to how people without education are forced to choose jobs no one else's wants because of the income. In this situation, the factionless are beggars, janitors and other works that would otherwise disrupt the balance inside factions and their idiosyncrasy. The factionless represent the lower class in society and also a critique the author is trying to convey towards the concept of a utopian society that the characters are so desperately clinging onto. At the beginning Tris is a spectator to this problem, because she lived with Abnegation, the faction that characterizes for being unselfish, she had to do community service to help bring resources to the factionless. After seeing how these people were living from the scraps of other factions, she was distressed at how her society forces people into a set of rules that controls behavior and those that do not follow them get shunned from

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