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Hunger World Issue I chose hunger as my world issue because it is a huge problem in the world. There are many children in the world who starve every day and don’t receive the right amount of nutrients[a] and proteins that they need to survive. So, they end up dying. Statistics shows that about 3.1 million kids under the age of 5 die due to lack of nutrients [b]and proteins that they need to grow (Hunger Statistics). In 2013, about 17,000 kids under the age of five have died under the daily bases to hunger. That was about a child every 10 seconds. It is said that, now there is a larger amount of people who starve than there were in the 1900s (Hunger Facts). About 66 million kids go to school hungry and 23 million…show more content…
[c]Poor nutrition[d] caused the death of nearly 45% of the children under the age of five in the year 2011” (World Child Hunger Facts). Because of [e]hunger[f], almost every 1 out of 6 children are underweight (Fighting Hunger Worldwide). About 11% people are hungry, that is about 800 million people. Of the 11%, about 60% are women. There is enough food made every day, which is enough to feed the world but it is wasted. “Hunger causes more death than malaria, tuberculosis, and AIDS combined” (Noman,…show more content…
He founded this company because he had a vision of him and his team ending hunger by the end of their lifetime. He and his team have been fighting against hunger ever since. He has helped and gained the trust of many poor families as they depend on his organization to provide them the food that they need to survive on this planet. His team also provides medical aids and donates money to the people that need it, so that there won’t be anyone on earth dying because of hunger. Stop Hunger Now has donated over $9 million and 3 million dollars worth medical aids

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