Essay On Korean Imperialism

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When the Russian and Japanese Imperialism made a massive impact in China, Korea feel like they feel like they need to be out of isolation. In 1894, when Japan defeated China, China is eliminated from taking Korea. Then in 1905, Japan defeated from Russia, Japan made their dominant power in Korea. So, when in 1910, Korea becomes into a Japanese Colony. A self constructed group (later to be known as the main source of resistance to Japan rule in 1930 called KPG, Korean Provisional Government in Shanghai, in 1921. A man known as Kim II Sung was member of KPG, stood out and raised powers eventually. Korea was divided on the 38th parallel and the North Korea was communist, occupied by the Soviets and the South Korea was the nationalist occupied by the United States. Kim (II) Jung took power of North Korea during the cold war between USSR and United States. Stalin approved North Korea to take over the South Korea since Kim II Jung visited Stalin that the fact he would triumph over South Korea. But Stalin never saw United States would be involved in the Korean War as well. Kim II Jung was attempted to unify korea back to one. The reason why United States went to war with Korea is because…show more content…
Kyoung-Ja “Kathy” Lee stated that she was happy until Korean War started. It left her many scars. “I was a very happy child until Korean War occurred. My childhood was painful which left a scar in my heart because of the Korean War. Lots of Korean babies and toddlers, including lots orphan babies died with the lack of nourishment. The Koreans were poor, so they could not provide what they needed, food, houses, clothes. And I saw lots of beggars were asking food at mealtimes in front of each house which was increasing every day. And lots of young boys, shoe shiners, at the train station, at the bus station and on the streets for looking for customers to make

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