Hunger Games Identity

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Intrigued by the concept of identity and how we view film, this essay is going to contain a review about a particular scene from the world famous movie, The Hunger Games. To demonstrate an engagement with theory and readings relevant to this unit, there are going to be various theoretical concepts and ideas to support and strengthen this essay such as Theodor Adorno’s ‘’Free Time’’ theory as well as Appiah’s ‘’Theories of Identity’’ and influence from James Monaco’s book on ‘’How to Read a Film’’ in order fully analyse in depth the chosen scene from the The Hunger Games. The specific scene chosen for this essay is the ‘’Damn You Gale’’ scene. The Damn You Gale scene starts off with Katniss Everdeen raising her bow and aiming at the deer…show more content…
As shown in the scene, Katniss is seen wearing a dirty brown jacket and boots instead of expensive jewellery, which indicates that she is from a low-class background. In Katniss’ case, her low-class background puts her at the bottom of the hierarchy and it is something that cannot be changed and she has to live with it for the rest of her life, as she was born into that identity. To Appiah, Katniss would fit into the essentialist category due to the unfortunate circumstances of her family fitting into the low-class background, which also puts Katniss into the same background as the system operates on a caste system. Katniss was born into the low-class background; therefore, it is biologically as it isn’t something that she is capable of controlling. Appiah discovered and developed ‘’theories of identity’’ which determines which category you fit into to express and expose your identity . Although Katniss is from a low-class background, she is seen hunting during her free time as shown in the scene. This also puts her into the category of monological in terms of Appiahs theory ‘’a self is something that one creates’’ . Katniss has portrayed herself as a hunter, and it is an identity she has created and therefore, is known for. Unlike essentialist (biologically), she is capable of controlling her own needs and interests, which determines her identity. She has created this hobby with her own free
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