Hunger Games Literary Analysis

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Mohamed Rinawi Mrs.Koya British Literature 10 April, 2016 Not Only Academics It is the last year of high school. It is the last year where most students are with their parents. They have successfully completed twelve years of school. The last thing they need is to analyze another poem. The last thing they need is to write an essay about figurative language. They need to learn how to be responsible. They need someone to tell them what to expect in the wild. They will not have their parents always running behind them, cleaning up after all their mistakes. Most students go off to university not knowing what to expect. Instead of reading a book that they will forget after they take the test, why don’t they read a book where they can learn lessons…show more content…
The first of many, penance is the establishment of development. For example, When Katniss' more youthful sister Primrose has her name called, Katniss comprehends what she should do. She is more than mindful that her sister will never survive the Hunger Games. As her more seasoned sister, she should volunteer as tribute to spare her life. Katniss' adolescence as she probably is aware it is over and she is compelled to grow up when she steps foot upon the stage. You have to know when to persevere and when to surrender in life. All connections rotate around penance. Whether they are close to home companionships, family relations or personal connections — this remaining parts steady. You have to show others that they are so imperative to you and by bargaining on your needs and cravings, it truly indicates them the amount you esteem…show more content…
Peeta discloses to Katniss the night prior to the Hunger Games, "On the off chance that I kick the bucket despite everything I need to be me." Just on the grounds that the administration is looking for control of everything and everybody, he is not remaining for it. Regardless of being constrained into the stadium, he needs his character to stay in place. In the event that you relinquish your uniqueness, you will chance losing your personality. By the day's end, would it say it isn't most critical to stay consistent with your qualities and convictions? Try not to adjust to another person's thought in the event that it is not something you have confidence in. Individuals will regard you one serious parcel increasingly in the event that you are positive about your thought processes and

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