Examples Of Photographic Memory

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Photographic Memory or Eidetic Memory In simple words photographic memory could be described as an ability to recall things in form of images with all details. Well actually we think in images on a conscious level we might not be able to know that always but with a little awareness you can discern that whenever we are thinking or recalling we are doing it in form of images. If I say “fire” you will immediately see an image of fire in your mind that’s how our thinking mechanism works. So when we all try to recall things from past sometimes we get vivid pictures in mind and sometimes we see distorted images and that is what differentiates a person having a strong memory with one who has weak memory. The behind reason actually depends on many factor like a…show more content…
You will have to practice and remember various things for a long time until your fingers just touch that instrument and know how to move in order to produce any music that you wish. Now, you will say that it took time for you to learn because it needs practice to learn various notes, how to moves fingers in board quickly, remembering stuff etc etc. If I asked you to never touch that instrument for 5 years I bet you will still be able to play it correctly, all the reasons that you gave above which needed “remembering” various things as discussed above gets falsified because in 5 years a person will forget it. A child’s ability to learn multiple languages that his family and society uses, the reflex which enables a sportsperson to make moves in split seconds, people getting healed from placebos etc are some examples that makes me wonder about the power of our mind. So, if like me you too believe that we can develop eidetic memory than do keep taking appropriate actions without getting discouraged. Zox Pro is a good online program which I would recommend for anyone who is willing develop various mind skills like photo
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