Dystopian In Ayn Rand's 'Anthem'

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Anthem- Hunger Games Essay There are many reasons why teenagers like dystopian society stories. In these two stories there is a lot of rebellion against the society they live in. They also like the age division that happens between their association. Teenagers don’t like to be around people who are not their certain age. They also like how their society is perfect, they like the feeling that they have no room for error. In any dystopian society in any book could actually be part of the same world, it just has a different sections of the timeline. Undeniably, Dystopian stories are preferred by teenagers. In Anthem the old and young are divided. They have a strict society that has forbid them to be around people that are way older than him.In the story, it specifies that,“I understand that centuries of chains and lashes will not kill the spirit of man nor the sense of truth within him.” (Rand, pg 98)In that sentence, it states that no matter how many rules or obligations they have put in the world, people will still have the same idea on what…show more content…
They have this specific spot for the old and a different house for them for infants. Teenagers like to be around people their age and when they read this, they like the thought that if they lived in that story they would not be around older or younger people. Teenagers also like how there is no room for error in that society. Everything they do has to be the same thing every day, no surprises, they can just have the same routine everyday. They don’t have to be judged at all because everyone is the same. They don’t want to be compared to other people. In the story they are also chosen their own jobs, there is no stress about getting a better education with your job. In the story Hunger Games there are lots of reasons why a teenager would like this dystopian society. Teenagers like the idea

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