Ordinary People Character Analysis

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Nicolas llano Hour 4 Ordinary people Ordinary people is not an ordinary book. The more we go through it the more we can uncover the true self of each character and also see why they seem to be the ways they are. Conrad seems to be have been really affected for the death of his older brother buck, he seems to feel guilty about his death, tries to commit suicide and after this everything goes downhill for him and his family, specially his mother Beth who turns cold even more than what the book described her to as she never visits Conrad while he is the hospital, but meanwhile decides to travel to Europe and finally his father Calvin who likes to listen and give them his point of view, he also wants to make things work between them but ends up…show more content…
I will not be pushed!" she says. She moves away from him to stand before the window, looking out. Calmly she says, "I will not be manipulated." This is quote from the book on Beth that shows just how she feels about the whole situation between his son and her, she thinks Conrad wants to somehow manipulate them into a tricky situation, I don’t believe that this is true, but how could she have not visited Conrad her own son when he was in the hospital, I mean what kind of person would you have to be to not visit your own son after he almost committed suicide. But unlike Conrad there are many others that haven’t been in the same spot and my think that his reaction to what happened is absurd. Also there are many teens that just don’t have tough skin to realize the truth of the world they live in, but also to realize that they can change their reality and make it what they want it to be, also we in most of the time might not know what to do but that’s basically what life is, learn through the everyday struggles and develop ourselves. I believe that this book is a perfect and relatable experience for many teens and parents that seek answers as like they have had forgotten what was it like to be a teen or that simply don’t know how today’s society works and how it involves them and their kids. “Jeannine: [In a McDonald’s restaurant booth Conrad sits with Jeannine, the suicide attempt scars on Conrad's wrist are displayed] did it
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