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9 Best Waterside Holiday Cabins In Europe Overview Are you planning for a perfect holiday in Europe? Well, there are plenty of waterside holiday cabins for your family all over the European countries you can’t afford to miss out should you head there for a vacation. The quality of accommodation and holiday arrangements can be tailored to your needs if you make prior arrangements in most of these waterside holiday cabins. Let’s explore 9 ideal holiday cabins across Europe: 1. Finland, Saimaa Escapade With over 180,000 lakes, Finland happens to be one of the best places for water exploration. On the Eastern region, there is Lake Puruvesi which has a spectacular setting for an escape. The lake has clean water, which makes it ideal for swimming, fishing and boat rides. Lakeside Nightingale in particular is a cabin that is close to conservation area and the largest wooden church in the world next to Kerimaki. Find relaxation and comfort in two-bedroom villa with contemporary interior design, plus electric sauna if you are after a Nordic escapade. 2. Norway, Flam, Aurland In Flam, Aurland, you will find four outrageously, red-painted wooden Nordic cabins with snow-capped peaks coated surrounded by green pine forest. Spending your vacation here would feel like it is Christmas. With cozy interiors and wood-paneled spaces, each cottage is well…show more content…
Don’t expect running water or electricity but your house will be lit by candles as enjoy the comfort of wooden huts and sheepskin rugs. Each of the 12 huts has wood fire and you can pick blueberries from the green roof. If you prefer a spacious room with traditional bedding, you can book a log cabin. You will have to chop your own firewood and cooking is exclusively done on barbecue. You can hire wood-fire floating sauna for some timeless

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