Analysis Of Starbucks: The Coffee Shop Company

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Amanda Anguiano, Darrell Jones, Earnest Workmen Brenau University BA102 Introduction To Business Starbucks: The Coffee Shop Company Starbucks: The Coffee Company The Original Starbucks This report is on the Starbucks Coffee Shop Company. Starbucks was founded around 45 years ago in 1971. The first store was located at 2000 Western Avenue in Seattle, Washington until 1976, when it moved its operations to Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington, U.S. where they began selling espresso coffee in 1986. The three founders ,Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker, were former students of the University of San Francisco. Their plan was to sell high quality coffee beans and roasting equipment. They did not know at the onset of Starbucks that…show more content…
These are individual standards and values, co-workers’ influence and managers, opportunity: which include compliance requirements and codes that equal out to become the governing standards of unethical/ethical choices in that business. The ethical decisions in a business has to take on the characteristics based on individual moral standards, the abilities of managers dealing with co-workers chance to moving up in any company. The outlook of the employees, at the qualities of the managers, is very critical to work production. The morals that some workers have at home may not be acceptable in the work environment. This can cause major updating of the growing or the established businesses. Good work ethics are rewarded by not having a manager over your shoulder…show more content…
The companies with that have a board of directors over the managers is in business to make money. They also want to maximize profits as that is what the stockholders are banking on with their investments. These shareholders and only interested in the bottom line up front. Its all about money! Conflicts between owners and managers have been attacked as the government regulations change. The company can be profitable and make adjustments for the people, profits and plant life in and around the business. There is always ways to profit and take care of the environment. Businesses has always battled with owners and managers. Money is the bottom line of business. Managers can be fired with an evil eye. No company wants to go bankrupt. To avoid that pain of bankruptcy it is full speed ahead to max out profits before the stock market changes. We do not believe that our world has to change due to owner’s greed. While looking at Starbucks, it is a prime example that companies can contribute while still making a profit. To see the way that the company has thrived all over the world. Buying up beans and producing jobs for the locals, giving support bonuses to further add to the people’s local area just bringing a franchise there. The Starbucks company also offers medical insurance and benefits that strengthens the economy. I will believe in free

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