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Holidays in Dubai After a very tired working season I planned to go Dubai for vacations. The city had gained a reputation of excitement for last many years, tourists all over the world visiting Dubai in great charm. According to my knowledge last year 50 million people visited Dubai. However I planned and was in flight a very next day to Dubai airport. I have worked on my tour plan and was completely aware of the attractions. Hundreds of hotels welcome tourists on a very economically charges however Dubai hosts the world expensive hotel as well. While coming out to the city i was completely impressed by the airport as I have heard a lot about Dubai’s busy airport as one of the beautiful designed airports in world. I have looked for Dubai in three different aspects that were: 1. Dubai Shopping Festival A. period that attracts more tourists B. lavish holidays 2. Attracts thousands of business professionals A. fixed among Europe and Asia, buttressed by Africa B. State-of-the-art telecommunications C. Dubai World Trade Centre 3. Tourist Destination A.…show more content…
The whole act was arranged and synchronized to a live audience by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. A table next to the window for the New Year night was also arranged on the 122nd floor at Atmosphere restaurant, at a cost of 16,000 dirham per person.After some days I planned to visit Atlantis hotel which is also ranked in luxurious hotels of world with a unique construction on water. The area of Atlantis (palm jumeira) takes you to the peak of relaxation and satisfaction. Atlantis hotel activities comprised of, aqua venture Water Park, dolphin bay, sea lion point, the lost chambers aquarium, restaurants, spa, beaches and pools, shopping and followed by the world’s hottest nightclub. The project is built after billions of dollars and definitely the place to visit by any tourist in

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