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Which are the working hours and holidays in Spain? When we want to talk about spain a typical schedule in Spain can be from nine in the morning to two in the afternoon, a couple of hours to eat and take a nap, and return to work in the afternoon from five to eight. This may vary. Today it tends to reduce the lunch time to leave earlier in the afternoon. Working hours vary tremendously depending on the company and industry it is in. During the summer months many companies work with a reduced work schedule called an intensive schedule in which they work without interruption from nine in the morning to three in the afternoon. Legally The maximum duration of the working day, established in art. 34 of the Workers' Statute, is 40 hours per week of average…show more content…
-12 October: National holiday of Spain (in all communities can vary day) November 1st: All Saints' Day (festive in all Spain) -6 December: Day of the Spanish Constitution (festive in all Spain). -8 December: Immaculate Conception (festive in all Spain). -December 25: Nativity of the Lord (festive in all Spain). What are the proper gifts offered in a business meeting in Spain Gifts are not normally exchanged at business meetings in Spain, but small gifts may be appropriate when a negotiation is successfully concluded. On the first visit, a low-priced gift (a regional souvenir, a promotional item or a product of the visiting company) is always appreciated and leaves a very good impression of course of a very good quality. In the Christmas and New Year holidays Spanish companies send their customers baskets with assortments of groceries of greater or lesser value .Is important to analyse the context and not to be misunderstanded is recommend to not give a gift until the meetings are over. Other normal gifts can be: desk items, books, art and music Be careful not to involve a bribe. Some functionaries have prohibited to reicive

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