Spice Literature Review

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Nybe, E.V., Mini Raj, N & Peter, K.V. (2007) examined the spice as of now and the available scattered learning on all aspects of spices botany, crop improvement, chemistry, production technology, pest and disease, harvesting, processing, products and uses. The book is composed into six sections. Introduction, seed spices, tree spices, herbal spices, major spices and other spices. Major tree and seed spices have been studied in detail the herbal and other spices in which data accessible is sparse. Pavithra vanikarsha & Bhagyalakshmi, O. (2010) concluded that the antibacterial movement of black pepper (piper nigrum) and its method of activity on microscopic organisms were finished. The concentrates of black pepper were assessed for antibacterial…show more content…
The Indian spice has enrolled the ascent by 26 percent as dollar value. The total area under spices in India is 2.3 million hectares and the yearly production of spices in our nation is around 27 lakh tons, estimated to be more or less at Rs. 13,000 crore. The net share of Indian spices in world trade is around 35 percent. The Indian spice processing industry have the different issues like availability of standardized raw material, unscientific production technique, carelessness in preparing of work force obtaining finance and marketing issues. The Indian spice processing industry has brilliant future as agro processing units, can help producers and exporters of spices and make India the best spice…show more content…
(2007) presented a that book contains information on 43 spice crops. Due to sophistication in their living standard in developed countries they have artificial spices in daily uses. However, now they have realized the harmful effects of artificial spices over natural ones. Infact, this is good for India to expand the area and production of spices by adopting modern cultivation techniques. Simultaneously, there is need to intensify research priorities on antioxygenic properties, antibacterial activity of spices and scientific proofs of medicinal aspects. There is urgent need to develop technologies for value addition in spices without affecting the nutritional, medicinal and therapeutic

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