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Host: Today we have a special guest in the studio, Marry Roger. Marry is arranging an activity course for the summer holidays. Molly, this is the second year of the course, isn’t it? Marry: Yes, that’s right. The summer course operated for the first time last year for a six week period from the middle of July until the end of August, the length of the summer holidays. This year we’ll be holding the course again. We did think about making the course longer this year and have a seven week course, as there are some schools in the area which finish term a week earlier than other schools. In fact, the two private schools in the town have eight week summer holidays. But in the end we decided to keep to the same plan as last year. Host:…show more content…
We were actually very surprised last year by the number of people interested in the course. We didn’t actually have enough staff to look after all the children who wanted to attend, and we had to turn people away. The weather also gave us some difficulties. There was such a lot of rain that we couldn’t go outside as often as we wanted to, but had prepared for that. We had art and music activities that the children could do indoors, so they weren’t left with nothing to do. Host: So, what activities can the children look forward to this year? Marry: Well, once again we there will be art and music experts coming in who will lead creative classes for the kids. We also considered providing some more exciting adventure sports like rock climbing and caving. We decided not to, in the end, because it would make the course a lot more expensive for parents. Instead, we’re introducing some fun projects – things that the kids can prepare together and show their parents what they have been doing. For example, we’re going to put on a talent show and organize an American Night. I think it will be good fun for the kids, and teach them good skills too. Host: It sounds fun. So, can children come on the course for the whole
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