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How Fake News Gain Credibility Nowadays there are news reports at any time of the day, every day of the year. People can watch or hear international news and local news. Never has it been easier to access news so fast and efficient as we can now. Society can record live videos and post everything online and it can be broadcasted within seconds. Unfortunately, since the flow of news goes so fast, it is easy for fake news to slip in between. Fake news can be easily passed on as factual news if society doesn’t investigate it and do their research. The impact of fake news has become a worldwide phenomenon. Fake news is often found with the use of fake news websites. To gain credibility with these news articles, people specialize in creating attention-grabbing news where people pretend to be other well-known news sources. According to Wikipedia, “Jestin Coler, who said he does it for “fun”, also said he earned US $10,000 per month from advertising on his fake news websites”. Creating Fake News, has become so easy since it’s nearly free to develop a social media account or website to publish a person’s opinions or news. Even news companies, don’t have…show more content…
Reporters or representative interpret things in a bad way and much a bigger deal out of it than it is. With this logical fallacy it is easy to misinterpret things and publish “fake” things. Although fake news is most of the time provoked, there are also times where people just understood or interpreted something the wrong way but still make it public. Anecdotal fallacy is when a person believes that their experience is evidence, and that because they were treated a certain way, everybody is going to be treated the same way. This can be hurtful, and it can also get around quickly, since people are listening to the one person’s personal experience which can have a bigger effect on

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