Causes Of Youth Delinquency

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It is clearly that to this day, there are many arguments on what make youths become delinquents. We had read reports and seen on TV many crimes were youth are involve, whether crime was committed alone or in a group. The justice system has tried to resolve this issue in many ways, many have blamed the justice system, schools, communities and specially parents. Sometimes we just have to forget how it started, but learn how to stop delinquency or find a good resource to solve the issues with youth that leads them to deter crime. There is a lot to say about the effects that society, peers, and family impact a Child's life that causes them to commit crime or incline to it, whether they were abused, neglected, where they…show more content…
As it discusses it also states that research suggests that the most important factor is the quality of the home environment and not if there is only one parent involved what makes a contribution to delinquency. Child abuse and neglect is another point given that is believed to contribute to delinquency as well, were the parents that should have been the number one caregivers for their children are the primarily suspects in crime committed to them, whether it was negligence or intentionally. When youth feel that their home is not a source of a good role model in their life they tend to rely on peers or friends for a better role model that will teach them the right path that…show more content…
Many of those students lack support from their families and need an adult that they can rely on. What I have found intriguing when hearing from students that they always state that no one understands. As adults we need to build a relationship that has relevance to them in their current situation. School should be their safe place and they need to feel a sense of belonging in order for them to show self-control and respect. Many times the adults at school are the only stable adults that this type of students know. Unfortunately not all students accept the relationships and continue on a destructive path. These students should be placed in an alternative educational setting, others might end up in Juvenal correctional facilities. We as society, have to contribute somehow to the well-being of this student's because like it or not they are the future of this great nation. If we go on and start blaming every person that crosses our way, well we will never get anywhere. Beyond doubt, I have been taught that education starts at home, parents are the key component to develop a great person to become someone important in society. This is where we need to start resolving the issue on delinquency, parents that commit to their children in every possible way. From paying attention to whatever the child has to say to being a role model in their lives. For example, I was always taught that to become

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