Transformation Process In 3M Company

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A transformation process is some activities that usually takes one or more inputs, get it transformed and adds on certain value to them, and final outputs will be provided for satisfying customers so that the company will capture value in return and build relationship for further profit. We have three kinds of input – materials input, information input and customers input. For example, when we are facing information input, as a patient being treated in the hospital, the process of running involves the current information about consumer’s health and materials of all kind used in treatment. The outputs elements include industrial products, manufacturing services and so on. They can either be products or services of all kinds. Some products are…show more content…
“Magic Tape” is what 3M manufacturers use for daily applications on taping which is said to have the best-quality of adhesive tap. “Magic Tape” offers more astounding appearance feature than any other tapes being used in the market. It has an strongly sticky adhesive to grab items in place along with a slippery removal from the roll. Most importantly, because of the success of 3M engineers in designing the manufacturing processes and making those equipment to have “Magic Tape” realized, 3M has always been benefit from a great profit margin and competitive advantage over its “Magic Tape” for long decades. Let’s just say, by taking control of the transformation processes that turn inputs into the high value of “Magic Tape”, 3M pushes back its competitors out of producing tape with same…show more content…
Job production is differentiated as the fact that the project works as a single activity and it needs the total attention of the operative before passing on to the next job to other person. The jobbing production is to turn the product uniquely so that customers’ requirements will be perfectly matched, even starting from an early phase of designing the product. For example, when working on a customized spray paint job on a motorcycle, first discussion has to be taken with the customer about specific design according to consumers’ requirement. last but not least, the finished work is the inspection by the customer who is willing to pay for a differentiated product. 2. Batch production is a means of production in which multiple numbers of each product are made at the same time, or in a batch. Think about making batches of cookies one tray at a time. Examples of products made with batch production are newspapers, bread, clothing, furniture, books and car parts. Even though this is a quick method of production, it does have some disadvantages in restricting a manufacturing company to some certain goods and could be hard to adapt in the long run. First level, the interest level of workers will be decreasing as time goes

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