Nicolas Carr's 'Is Google Making USupid?'

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"Is Google Making us Stupid?" Summary The internet emerged with such advancement, with the improvement of technology. Without a doupt the development of the internet provides society with many benefits. For example, sparring time for looking for data, and allowing for life to turn out to be more opportune. In the essay from "Is Google Making us Stupid" Nicolas Carr discuses that even though the Internet has come to existance to make our lifes more convenient, it has major disadvantages in our mind development. At the biggening of the essay, Carr develops the essay by conveing how the internet has affected his changing mind. Carr explains how hard it is to summerge into a book and stay entertained eventhough it used to be simple. For Carr, he used to get lost in a book and dtift through pages withput a problem,but it is hard for him to focus on reading now, even thoughhe has read only 2 to 3 pages, his attention has vanished. Carr belives that the intert surfing may be the cause for the absence if his attention. For approximately a decade, he has been devoting alot of his time online. (Carr) The internet has given him , and many other writers, the tools they need to confuct a quick and efforless reasearch.…show more content…
A research formed by scholar from University College London, about reaserch habits, showed that "... new forms of 'readjng' are emerging as isers 'power browse' horizontally through titles, content pages and abstracts going for quick wins. It almost seems that they go online to avoid the traditional sence" (Carr). A great quantity of information exists on the Internet and the types of it are steadily becoming more

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