Art Of Disobedience

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The Art of Disobedience: What the right way to disobey unjust authority is The morality of human behavior has often been challenged, regardless of its scale. Particularly, if they are requested improperly under the powerful authority, it is not easy to stick to their humanistic conscience and to disobey the inhumane authority. The case, “Fast Food Strip Research”, is a probative evidence of human behaviors that are highly influenced and modified by the power of situations in real life (McDonald video). In April 2004, although the assistant manager and her fiancé were usually expected to behave morally, they blindly believe the unconfirmed call that is preposterous, but let them feel be powerful because the man who pretends a police officer…show more content…
The Art of disobedience can divide two parts. One part is to disobey unethical “authoritarian conscience” in their own mind because the authoritarian conscience has unconsciously been shaped by the values of their groups that people belong to (Fromm 576). Blessing, one of the best female novelist who was awarded the 2007 Nobel Prize in Literature, says, “We are group animal still, and there is nothing wrong with that. But what is dangerous is not the belong to a group, or groups, but not understanding the social laws that govern groups and govern us” (595). If their authoritarian conscience was made immorally, they have to judge it rightly and to disobey it. The other part is to disobey irrational authority. To maintain the stability of society, people should obey the rational authority instead they express hostility to the powerful leaders without good reason. Brooks, an American author and commentator who writes for the New York Times, asserts, “To have good leaders you have to have good followers-able to recognize just authority, admire it, be grateful for it and emulate it. Those skills are required for good monument building, too” (594). If people are forced by the irrational authority, they should doubt all, have the courage to disobey the bad power, and improve judgment ability to act morally persistently. Thereby, ordinary people can overcome irrational and unjust authority to choose the art of disobedience, although the behaviors of the ordinary people can be markedly influenced by the power of the
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