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Mikey Espinosa is an artist who made her dream come to life. One of her pictures is an abstract portrait drawing that originated from a dream that she conjured up. It shows a young woman staring at herself in a mirror, her body animatronic, with an electrical face exposed. This is a successful piece of art because it gets people to let their minds wander and think about what the possible meanings are behind the art. An effective piece of art also catches and keeps audience’s attention, which this one definitely does. And it also lets the audience feel something to the piece. This abstract drawing gets the audience to think about what the artist is trying to show to the public. The odd shapes and its diversity get the gears in heads to turn.…show more content…
One of the purposes of art is to make the audience feel something. Many would be attracted to a piece of art that means something to them, rather than one that is just pretty to look at. An example of this is my grandma. After my grandpa died, we had a special portrait of him made for her. She hung it above her head board, and it stayed there until she passed away too. Whenever we came over, she would always tell us about how much she loved that piece of art, and would never trade it in for anything. She would always tell us that if she was offered the original copy of the Mona Lisa, she would never trade it. It shows how powerful art can be when it holds emotion, and meaning to the owner. If the painting had not been of my grandpa, but a picture of someone else, it would have been out of the house straight away. Espinosa’s drawing holds meaning to many because her art targets the struggle people have. Whether it be the mask that girls put on each day to cover themselves, or the prediction of impending doom for the future. Some might even think that this piece relates to people who have bipolar disorder because of how fast she can change her emotions, just like bipolar disorder. One minute they are in extreme manic, and the next they are in a deep

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