Causes Of Stress In Muniba

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Causes of Stress The factors which cause stress after the severe accident of Muniba in which she was disabled for life are mentioned below : They couldn’t find the ambulance after the accident and good hospital that caused stress. After the accident Muniba’s half of the body was fractured and half was paralyzed that’s why her body and mind stopped reacting that instantly caused stress. As the accident was severe so Muniba’s body was going through extreme pain that increased the level of stress for her because the pain was unbearable. Muniba’s accident was so severe that three of her spinal cord vertebrae were completely crushed. The doctor’s said, miracles so happen but spinal cord injury was terrible and I couldn’t ever walk it causes…show more content…
She became wheel chair bound that also caused stress for herself. Hospital and negativity of few doctors and other people caused stress that affected her badly. Muniba’s very close family members left her when she needed them the most including her father “who and her husband that also cause a lot of stress and she was broken. Her husband also broke the marriage that gave her extreme stress and she didn’t even want to live anymore. After her husband broke the marriage Muniba’s has adopted her son that caused stress because she was bedridden for two years and couldn’t do a single thing by herself. That also caused stress not only for herself but for her family members as well. Her financial status also caused stress that why she wanted to be independent and get a good job to support herself and her son in a long run. Other people also caused stress by saying negative things about her when she was hospitalized. Social support means providing support to close relatives or friends at the time of stress or crises to enhance their wellbeing. In case of Muniba’s after the accident she needed full support of her family they…show more content…
In this support the doctors provide facts about the patient condition. He also advises the patient that is right for her and suggests the option related to the future treatment. In Muniba’s case her mother advised her never to give up. Appraisal support In Muniba’s case her mother and two brothers always told her that just stay strong and never to give up no matter what. Her mother told her one day you will do all those things that you used to do before I still believe in you. That gave Muniba more strength. Other term related to social support in Muniba’s case are given below A social embedded individual has many friends, family members to whom they can go and get seek help and support at the time of stress and crisis when they can deal with it. In case of Muniba’s after the accident people who cared supported her when she needed their support including her mother and two brothers provided they provided constant love and support. Few friends also supported her and stayed with her when she was devastated, depressed and hopeless that always made her smile even though she didn’t wanted to live her

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