The Importance Of Creating A Personal Budget

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Creating a personal budget is critical to your financial future because having a rough idea of what bills need to be paid and when, is simply not enough. Creating a personal budget is important because a clear plan allows you to evaluate your income and expenses to see if you're spending more money than you're making. Failing to create a budget that accounts for all your spending may cause you to live beyond your means and eventually end up in debt. Are you convinced that you need to be creating a personal budget and do you know how to go about it? Some people desire to but procrastinate. Here are some common excuses for not budgeting-have you ever used one of them? "I've tried creating a personal budget but I never seem to follow through." "I don't plan on going into debt so I really don't need to learn about creating a personal budget." "I don't make a lot of money and don't have many bills so I don't really need to know anything about creating a personal budget. Besides, I don't spend that much anyway."…show more content…
". The issue here is discipline; one thing I've learned in life is the disciplined will rule the undisciplined. You have to discipline yourself to follow through. Is your financial state important to you? If so, begin by spending 5-10mins at the end of each day making note of money spent, where and comparing it to your budget. It is easier to remember and track this way. Without creating personal a budget, it's very easy for money to slip through your hands unnoticed and unaccounted for. Creating a personal budget is vital to your present and future

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