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It is under load pressure and is often the recipient of special care to ensure that it does not fail. The sharp edges which are sanded smooth in an attempt to reduce stress risers on the rod. They are also shot-peened, or hardened, to increase its strength against cracking. Today, connecting rods are best known through their use in I.C. piston engines, such as automotive engines. These are different design from earlier forms of connecting rods, used in steam engines and steam locomotives. It connects the piston to the crankshaft and is responsible for transferring power or force from the piston to the…show more content…
So I have selected Amul Industries Pvt. Ltd for project work. In modern days human life is very busy life. In this life man wanted to reach one place to another place very quickly because they have no time to satisfy this want, some scientists of different countries invented different vehicles. These inventions are dependent on many parts. These parts are known as auto parts. In the manufacturing of a motor car many auto parts are required. To satisfy this requirement sub industries are established which are producing that type of parts ‘Amul Industries Pvt. Ltd.’ is known as auto parts industries. It produce crankshaft, connecting rod, etc. which require in car, tractors. Information Of The Firm The Amul Industries Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1988. Managing Director of the company is Mr. Suresh Sankoti. Chairman of the company is Mr. Chandubhai patel and Auditor is A.G.Dholakiya. The Web-site of the company is and Email address is . Products Of Firm Some of the products manufactured at Amul Industries are :- • Crank

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